Sunday, 16 June 2019


We took a weekend trip before late May Bank Holiday to Portugal with Stephan's side of the family. We left from Luton Airport on Friday and flew back to London on Monday so we made a nice long weekend of it. Fatima, for those of you who haven't heard of it before is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics around the world. It's where Mary appeared to three peasant children and if you've ever been to Lourdes in France it has a very similar feeling. It's very peaceful, serene and spiritual which is a breath of fresh air when you live in the city.

Unlike urban Lisbon, I found Fatima much cleaner and nicer, but that being said you can't spend more than a day or two there. We went to an open air Sunday mass, saw the houses that the 3 peasant children lived in, and visited the main Church (as well as shopping and dining in the local area). We arrived very late on Friday and so we only had all of Saturday and half of Sunday before we got the bus to Lisbon for one night before we had to fly home.

Here's some photos from Fatima:

We spent the last 24 hours in Portugal in Lisbon. We stayed overnight in a AirBnB and explored the city centre, waterside, shops, restaurants and enjoyed the sunshine we had before it was time to fly home!


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