Sunday, 24 March 2019


 Back in January just before we were due to leave for our trip to Sri Lanka I was asked by the CEO of the company I work for (Abigail Tan-Giroud, St Giles Hotels Ltd) to help her plan a baby shower for her friend Valeria, who is expecting her 3rd child to be born this summer. She asked me to come up with some ideas for themes and we agreed to talk properly when I was back from holiday so we could decide how to go ahead and really get stuck into the creative planning process.

I find inspiration all around me, so going on holiday and having a change of scenery was the perfect inspiration boost for this fun project! I came back from holiday all topped up on Vit D and ready to get started on my moodboards for the themes that I wanted to propose. Sharing moodboards is always a little daunting but I was so happy to hear that they loved them and that they were even more excited about the event now that they could begin to imagine what it could be...and in the end they chose a mixture of tropical and pink! 

With the theme picked out I met with Abigail to run through the ideas and decide what we would include and create for the baby shower. After that it was time to get stuck in and create, create, create! 
I set to work on the following to do list: 
- Customising a boring looking garland with smaller cut out paper leaves and silk flowers.
- Customising a bespoke 'Baby' hoop sign with paper leaves and silk flowers.
- Putting together 20 x popcorn bags for the guests with 'Ready to Pop' metallic gold stickers and hand tying each one with forrest green satin ribbon.
- Hand assembling 15 x baby building block cardboard boxes.
- Designing two tent cards for drinks signage.
- Designing a 'Design Your Own Baby Grow' Sign for the baby grow station.
- Cutting out as many different types of tropical leaves as I could.

With the event date fast approaching we made arrangements to meet at Abigail’s place in the morning to set up and get it all looking pretty before the guests were due to arrive at 1pm.
I had my trusted steed (aka husband of dreams) by my side as usual and together we managed to get everything unpacked, set up, assembled and tidied in 2 hours! We also had some amazing help from Abigail and some of her friends who were at hand when we arrived to help blow up balloons and tie them in clusters on 3 for us so that we could start assembling faster! Stephan and I started on the baby grow station while the balloons were being blown up so it all worked out really well - as soon as we were done in one place the next arrangement was ready to be started!

We created two balloon arches with pink, peach, white and clear confetti balloons which we then made ’tropical’ by tucking in some of the leaves I’d been cutting like a maniac over the past few weeks :) They really did look lovely and were so satisfying to stand back and look at - so simple but so effective! I was definitely feeding my obsession with balloon arches om nom nom.

Abigail also had some lovely rose gold letters spelling out baby shower which we put up for her but unfortunately the “Y” popped before we got there! We did try to rescue it but had no luck. Lastly we tidied away so we could make room for the other items (popcorn etc) and I finished off by styling the remaining decorations and completing the overall look. Adding a leaf here, tweaking a balloon there…until I was happy with it all.

As always I enjoyed working on this event so much and loved feeling that  sense of ease, calm and ‘creative flow’ you feel when you are doing something you truly love. 
“Whatever’s good for your soul. Do that.” - Anonymous

Sandra x


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