Thursday, 2 August 2018


I loved feeling comfortable and like myself on our wedding day - it was so important to me to feel true to who I am by wearing styles and colours that I love. This is why I also decided I wanted to do my own make-up. I had a few trial sessions with talented make-up artists.. but felt no one really knew my face like I did, and there was always something not quite right (eyebrows or eyelashes mostly! - the holy grail). We've all seen brides who end up looking nothing like themselves on their wedding day - whether it's wearing too light a foundation shade so they are barely recognisable or just wearing a make up look that doesn't suit them at all. I wanted to steer well away from anything which didn't feel natural to me and in the end no one knows all the quirks of my face more than me...except maybe Stephan now :P 

Here's the finished look of all the style choices I made for the big day. From hair and make up to earrings and shoes and everything in between.

Here's some of the gorgeous photos Philippa took from the bridal prep morning.

For those who want to know here's a list of all the juicy details:
Dress - Anna Sorrano
Veil - Amixi
Shoes - Simmi London
Earrings - Liberty In Love
Headpiece - Ebay
Perfume - J'adore Dior
Make-up - Myself (Comment below if you'd like to see a post about the specific products I used?)

Sandra x


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